Carmen Pieraccini

Carmen TestimonialHypnobirthing really helped me have the birth that I wanted and I'm so glad that I found Janette at gentle birth days. What a woman! My husband and I took to her straight away and my husband who was skepictal about Hypnobirthing after the first class was so looking forward to the next. The tools she gave us both I'm convinced helped me to have a natural birth. It wasn't only her knowledge as a Hypnobirthing practitioner that was so useful it was also her medical understanding as a midwife that was just invaluable. After the classes I felt relaxed and confident that I could have the natural birth I wanted. And when I went into labour I was so excited that I'd be meeting my baby soon instead of fear of the unknown. After having surges for eight hours I went into hospital and I was 5cm dilated. I went straight in the birthing pool and my beautiful daughter arrived three hours later. I truly believe that the Hypnobirthing process enabled me to have an natural birth, free of pain relief. A truly beautiful and unforgettable experience I'd urge anyone that is wanting to have a natural birth to use Janette at gentle birth days. I'll be forever grateful for all her help.

Amanda & Stewart Lang

Myself and my husband Stewart attended Hypnobirthing classes. This was my first pregnancy and we didn't find out the sex of the baby until the big day.

I was successful in doing my Hypnobirthing for the whole of the birthing even though it didn't go to plan. I originally wanted a water birth but unfortunately the baby went to the loo and I had to be sent downstairs to be monitored. I was very disheartened about this to begin with but then realised I could still use my techniques I had learned in class and from my book. So I did just that and had a natural birth as I wanted, only having some gas and air towards the very end. I really enjoyed the whole experience and felt peaceful throughout.

Thank you so much for your experience and positivity and I am forever grateful.

Heather & Jamie Boyd

After having a very traumatic first birthing experience, I was determined to have a peaceful and as unassisted birth that I could for my second child. Being a rather pragmatic person I never believed that I would be able to hypnotise myself but I really hoped that the class would bring me and my husband closer as a team for the birth of our second child, so we signed up.

Janette was was our teacher and was laid back and extremely approachable. She was very knowledgable and explained things more when we needed it. You could feel her enthusiasm about Hypnobirthing and her belief in peaceful gentle births being attainable. I shed more than a few tears during her class. It was very healing and helped me prepare for the birth that was to come.

Towards the end of the class module I was nearly due to have the baby and all signs were pointing to it being any day soon. I began to panic a little and wondered if I could do it again so I spoke to Janette after our last class. I cried about my fears and prayed that she would be on the ward to help me deliver the baby when she arrived. She was there to listen and offer encouraging words and gave my hand more than a few squeezes as we chatted.

Sure enough, a week later the baby was on her way. My waters broke at home and I was having contractions within 1/2 an hour. My breathing and relaxation were going well. When I arrived at the hospital I was sad to see that Janette wasn't there but I remained calm. I remembered her voice as I thought my way through relaxing and breathing my contractions away.

A few hours into the labour my contractions changed to back labour and I began to struggle. I tried my best to stay calm. Due to Janette's class I was definitely a tighter unit with my husband. We breathed together and he wasn't as upset seeing my labour this time. There was a moment when I thought I couldn't do it anymore (now I recognise it was my transition) and just then Janette appeared. Immediately she was down on the floor with me, calmly helping me breathe and relax. Showing my husband where to push on my back and hips to ease the pain. She was an angel at that time. I was overjoyed that she was there. Her presence was absolutely calming.

Not long after her arrival our baby was born into Janette's hands. She passed her to me and talked to me immediately about how she was. She reassured me continually with her words and her professionalism. She assisted me through the rest of the night as well. Janette was amazing as a pre-labour teacher and then again as my Mid-Wife. I was blessed to have had her class and to have her assist in the birth of my 2nd daughter. My Hypnobirthing birth was 100% different than my first. I got my gentle birth and have Janette to thank for being a huge part in that.

Suzanne McQueen

I highly recommend Janette and hypnobirthing. I was very anxious during my pregnancy and the hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques I learned really helped me. Janette is a lovely person who is so enthusiastic, warm and positive that it made me feel excited about the birth and not scared. Our baby boy is now 18months and thriving!


We are very happy to have welcomed baby George into the world at 6pm last night in an amazingly gentle, completely natural and peaceful water birth at home, Couldn’t have asked for a better labour !! (10lb 2 with no drugs and no stitches !!) He’s amazing, so chilled, we are over the moon.


I found the fear release session extremely beneficial in terms of getting my head in a positive place prior to giving birth. The anxiety & worry I felt initially in my second pregnancy in the run up to labour was replaced with optimism and a strong sense of belief in my body & mind to birth in the way I wanted.


Natalie TestimonialBaby Harry was born 21/2/15 at 02:12 weighing a whopping 11 pounds!! Labour started 5.30 am on Friday, surges were not gradual started at 60 seconds moved to 90 within 2 hours and we were having around 4 in 10 from the get go. Queue a quick delivery. Or so we thought.

Stayed at home for as long as but was conscious of the pressure I was feeling in pelvis. Phoned triage who told me to go straight in. Was only 4cm at lunchtime and stayed that way until 10:30pm with surges coming quickly and for long periods. Long story short, waters were broke went to 10cm within hour And tried to breathe baby down for over 2 hours(so I'm told I was busy concentrating on my breathing) Ended In theatre forceps delivery as baby kept popping out of pelvis and he was still back to back.

I am not disappointed in how it went. I did my best and we have been blessed with the most amazing baby boy. Thank you for all your help and support in preparing us. He is so perfect and even though it doesn't always go to plan, I would absolutely recommend hypno-birthing and your teaching. I know that the day would have been very different had it now been for hypno-birthing. I approached the day with excitement not fear and trusted my gut on the day. The staff at the hospital were fantastic and really respected my plan. We both felt very in control throughout.


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Janette's hypnobirthing classes, we found it relaxing, informative, and very useful during the pregnancy, birth and post birth recovery. Janette is extremely kind and gentle, she was very well prepared for each session, and delivered them in a very enjoyable way. I was nervous about the delivery before I had the classes but after we completed the classes, I was calm and relaxed.

Even though I had an emergency section caused by complications but I used the visualisation and breathing techniques which Janette taught me during the labour, and it helped a lot to reduce the pains. Her classes helped me to go through the labour, also my husband was well informed about what was happening from the classes and felt he was more involved in the whole childbirth.

We are very grateful to Janette for her help, and we would recommend her to anyone who is expecting.


Natalie TestimonialFrom the second we saw that little blue line, we knew we had created something so special that we wanted to bring our little miracle into this world with as much love and care we could possibly manage.

I had heard about HypnoBirthing in the news and social media and fully embraced the idea of bringing our baby into the world in the way nature intended. Once I spoke to Janette I knew instantly I wanted her to help me learn the skills and techniques required to do so.

After each session I felt more empowered and amazed at what the human body can do. I fell in love with the idea that my husband had a role when the time came on my baby’s birthing day and had as much importance as I did. When the time came, I knew exactly what my body needed to do and looked forward to her arrival.

My pregnancy, labour and hospital experience I put down to the HypnoBirthing skills I had practised in the months leading up to our baby girl’s birth-day. For the first time mum feeling so relaxed and prepared, my friends and family were able to enjoy my pregnancy, which I hope to carry forward into my future pregnancies. Anyone considering preparing for labour using this technique, I could not recommend enough & could not ask for anyone better to help us through such an amazing experience.

Julie Houdin

The very thought of childbirth used to fill me with dread so as soon as I became pregnant, I knew I had to do something about my fear. A friend recommended looking into hypnobirthing, she encouraged me to get in touch with Janette and I am so glad I did! I was pregnant with twins, so a homebirth was never really an option for me, but I really wanted to make the birthing experience as natural and peaceful as possible. With Janette’s guidance and support, I felt empowered to speak my mind during my medical appointments and articulate what I wanted for my babies and I. During labour, I felt so calm and I am delighted that I was able to give birth without medical intervention – much to the delight of the midwives and consultants who told me that it had been such a long time since they had seen a natural twin birth. I really felt in control of my babies’ birth, relaxed throughout the whole process and my husband and I both believed it couldn’t have been any better. I would highly recommend getting in contact with Janette to help you prepare for the big day!

Marion & Andy

Janette is an incredibly experienced midwife turned HypnoBirthing professional. She came to our house for a number of sessions and the time spent with her really helped us get ready for the birth of our first baby. Her gentle and confident manner very quickly won over my sceptical husband. The meditation and Hypnobirthing techniques were new to us but Janette was a great guide. After the final session we decided we should ask her to be our DOULA for the birth. When this came round she was calming, respectful and super positive. It all seems a bit of a blur but one thing we really remember is how much of a help Janette was. I had no pain relief until very late on in my labour, Janette used pressure points to relieve me and it was extremely effective. If we were to do it all over again ( and maybe we will !) Janette would be definitely getting a call ! She’s a superstar!