The mind is like a computer - owning it's own software which allows us to organise our thinking and behaviours.  Hypnosis allows a pathway leading straight to our subconcious, eliminiating old negative messages and installing new positive therapeutic beliefs and behaviours invaluable in pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.

HypnoBirthingWhat is HypnoBirthing?

It is a complete ante-natal programme that teaches couples how to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques to achieve a calmer and more comfortable birth experience.  Preparation for pregnancy and childbirth not only empowers the mother but also the partner.  Education expels the common belief that childbirth is unavoidably painful and something to fear. Confidence and self-belief are vital outcomes of HypnoBirthing and through this lays a solid foundation for the transition into family life and beyond.

So Why “Hypno” Birthing?... Why Not!

Contrary to popular belief the self-hypnotised person is not:

  • Unconscious or asleep
  • Submissive to another person’s will
  • In an ‘eerie trance’ state
  • Prone to reveal personal or confidential information

But is:

  • Fully conscious throughout
  • A fully consenting participant
  • Fully in control with a heightened alertness
  • Fully aware of surroundings and what is happening
  • Comfortably relaxed and ‘totally chilled’ as standard!

The Benefits of HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthingThe increasing number of studies and research reveal that the HypnoBirthing programme can;

  • Increase the rate of achieving a natural birth
  • Reduce the length of labour by several hours
  • Reduce, or in many cases eliminate the need for pain relieving drugs.
  • Encourages the baby to adopt the perfect position for birth – even ‘breech’ babies have an
  • 81% success rate in turning into optimal position.
  • Reduces the risk of episiotomy and perineal trauma.
  • Reduces the rate of post-natal depression (which is unfortunately on the rise in our society).

HypnoBirthing couples appreciate the;

  • Increase in self-confidence and can actually look forward to pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.
  • Release of fear and anxiety which commonly surround childbirth.
  • Dispels the fear-tension-pain cycle before and during birth.
  • Encourages techniques that can help assist labour to start naturally.
  • A much calmer baby who feeds and settles more readily.